Tight hamstrings and hip flexors can result from long hours of sitting or standing (Image via Pexels @Anna Shvets)

5 basic yoga exercises for tight hamstrings and hip ligaments

Tight hamstrings and hip flexors usually go unnoticed till they produce one small indicator in all age teams – decrease again ache. Whether or not you are a scholar who sits for hours with out a lot bodily exercise, an worker who cannot keep away from sitting for lengthy hours, or only a potato, chances are you’ll sooner or later undergo from decrease again ache.

How can tight hamstrings and hip squares trigger again ache? Properly, when these muscle tissues that immediately or not directly help the again stay within the injured place all through the day (when sitting or standing loads, for instance), they weaken over time. Weak muscle tissues can’t correctly help your posture, which results in extreme stress on the decrease again, which ultimately results in ache.

Yoga may also help resolve this drawback. A stretching session with easy yoga poses within the morning or at night time earlier than mattress may also help relieve muscle rigidity and likewise strengthen the muscle tissues over time sufficient to forestall this drawback.

Yoga workouts for tight hamstrings and thigh ligaments

With out additional ado, let’s check out 5 yoga workouts that may assist you eliminate tight hamstrings and hip flexors:

1) Anjaneyasana

This is without doubt one of the finest yoga poses for relieving tight hamstrings and hip flexors. Stretch the hamstrings of the entrance leg and the hamstring of the again leg.

To do that yoga pose:

Start in Adho-Mukha Svanasana (downward dealing with canine pose). Place your proper foot between your arms together with your left knee lowered on a folded mat or blanket.

Raise your chest in order that your shoulders stack over your hips, or place your arms on blocks subsequent to your entrance foot. Keep the place you’re, and take a breath. Proceed on the opposite facet.


To reinforce the stretching of the psoas muscle, elevate the pubic bone towards the navel. Think about pulling your entrance heel towards the again of the mat with out shifting your foot to stretch and strengthen your entrance hamstrings on the identical time.

2) Prasarita Padutanasana

Each the hamstrings and the hip flexors are stretched on the identical time. Putting the legs additional away from the physique lengthens the psoas muscle moderately than shortening it.

To do that yoga pose:

Begin together with your toes about 3-4 toes aside and parallel to one another, or barely pigeon-toed. Hinge ahead on the hips, place your arms on the ground or blocks. Press on the outermost edges of your toes, and carry by way of the arches. Loosen up your abdomen and transfer your eyes between your legs.

Loosen up and prolong your neck in order that the crown of your head falls towards the mat. Take away your shoulders out of your ears. You’ll be able to stop the feeling of falling ahead by tightening the muscle tissues within the entrance of your legs. To alleviate rigidity within the decrease again, pull the inside thighs in opposition to the pubic bone, and tilt the thighs inward barely. Keep the place you’re, and take a breath.

3) Hanumanasana

This yoga asana stretches the hamstrings of the entrance leg and the hip flexor of the again leg.

To do that mode:

Beginning on a low lunge, prolong the tailbone towards the again of the knee. Unfold your entrance leg into two halves, shifting your heel barely ahead in order that your hips stay parallel over the again knee. Maintaining your shoulders full above your hips (you’ll be able to place blocks below your arms, if crucial), start to boost your again knee away from you to enter the splits.

Whereas doing this, proceed to increase the tailbone towards the mat, and lift the pubic bone towards the navel. Deliver your entrance knee to the ceiling by shifting your entrance thigh outward at a slight angle. Roll the again thigh in and down till the space between the hips and the mat is equal.

Loosen up your shoulders away out of your ears and pull your entrance ribs towards your physique. Keep the place you’re, and take a breath. Proceed on the opposite facet.

4) Pashimutanasana

The yoga asana stretches the hamstrings of each legs and strengthens the quadriceps muscle tissues.

To do that yoga pose:

Unfold your legs in entrance of you when you are sitting. When you have tight quadriceps or decrease again ache, sit on the folded fringe of a blanket to forestall decrease again rotation.

Lengthen your backbone and transfer your sitting bones away out of your heels by a fraction of an inch. Maintaining your toes in a flexed place as you hinge on the hips, prolong your torso towards your toes. When you’ll be able to’t attain, pause.

Maintain your knees bent as a lot as potential. You’ll be able to preserve an elongated backbone and grasp the outer edges of your toes, ankles, or calves, or you’ll be able to rotate your again and convey your chin to your chest. Keep the place you’re, and take a breath.

5) Parivrtta Trikonasana

This yoga asana stretches and strengthens the hamstrings in each legs, in addition to the hip muscle tissues. Tight or weak hip flexors may cause a bend within the decrease again and put extra stress on the hamstrings throughout posture.

To do that yoga pose:

Start in a pyramid place together with your arms on the ground or on blocks in entrance of your entrance foot. Press on the mat or blocks to encourage chest stretching. Within the rotating triangle place, attain your proper arm towards the ceiling, and permit your decrease ribs to create a twisting movement on your chest.

To forestall your decrease entrance ribs from protruding ahead and decrease again from arching, think about your rib cage as a rotating barrel. Raise the muscle tissues in your thighs as in the event that they had been hugging your thigh bones towards your hips. Keep the place you’re, and take a breath. Proceed on the opposite facet.


Frequently performing the yoga poses above may also help you stretch and relieve tight hamstrings and hip flexors.

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