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5 yoga exercises for tennis players

Whether or not you’re a seasoned tennis participant or a newbie, turning to yoga to alleviate your muscle soreness throughout this intense sport may be one of the productive issues you are able to do to loosen up your physique and thoughts.

Tennis is an intense cardiovascular sport that impacts the thoughts and physique of the participant with its lengthy and tiring matches. Some particular yoga workouts for tennis gamers focus particularly on growing muscular steadiness, motion, and suppleness within the backbone. It’s a helpful train because it helps improve energy and in addition helps gamers fight future accidents.

5 yoga workouts for tennis gamers

This is a have a look at the 5 finest yoga poses that work nice for tennis gamers and assist enhance total athletic efficiency.

1. Reverse the place of the hand to the foot

The reverse hand-to-foot pose in yoga focuses on tightening the interior forearms and wrists, that are vital in gripping the putter. This pose may also assist relieve forearm imbalance and shield wrist extension whereas decreasing the chance of tennis elbow.

To do that mode:

  • From a standing place, slowly bend ahead in your legs and bend your knees deeply till you’ll be able to relaxation your arms on the ground.
  • Now rotate your forearms in order that your fingers are pointing towards your ft. Make sure that to maintain your palms on the ground.
  • Press the palms of your arms on the ground and really feel the stretch within the interior forearms.
  • Optionally, you can too step on the again of your fingers to deepen the size.
  • Maintain the place for a couple of minutes after which loosen up.

2. The cat poses to the cow

The Cat Cow yoga pose consists of two actions that lightly stretch your entire backbone and strengthen the stomach muscle mass.

To do that mode:

  • Get down in your knees and arms together with your legs and arms about shoulder width aside. Maintain your fingers pointing ahead.
  • Now, inhale and lift your head to have a look at the ceiling whereas arching your again. On the identical time, prolong your shoulders and press your abdomen towards the ground.
  • As you exhale, decrease your head and pull your abdomen towards your backbone. On the identical time, rotate your again up and keep the place.

3. Cow face pose

In tennis, quite a lot of pressure is transmitted to the arms and shoulders because the gamers carry out the swinging motions – backhands and forehands. Since gamers solely use one dominant hand to play, it’s essential to coach each arms to encourage muscular steadiness. Cow face pose is likely one of the finest methods to get a deep stretch of the shoulders and arms, whereas offering a mild stretch to the outer hips.

To do that mode:

  • Take a seated place. Bend your proper knee and convey your left foot outdoors your proper hip, shifting it beneath your proper knee. Now place your proper foot outdoors your left hip in order that your proper knee is stacked on high of your left knee.
  • Lengthen your backbone and slowly prolong your arms together with your palms going through ahead. Rotate your proper shoulder inward in order that your palm is going through the wall behind you and your thumb is pointing down. Wipe your arm behind your again and stroll your hand between your shoulder blades together with your palms going through outward.
  • Lengthen your left arm up together with your fingertips towards the ceiling and bend your elbow to achieve your proper fingertips. Tie all fingers collectively, in the event that they attain. You now have your proper knee above your left elbow pointing up.
  • Open your chest and keep within the place for a couple of minutes.

4. Dove pose

The bathtub pose in yoga offers a mild pose to open the hip and lengthen the quadriceps and quadriceps muscle mass.

To do that mode:

  • Begin the place in your knees and arms and slowly transfer your left knee between your arms. When you really feel pressure in your knee, carry your left ankle nearer to your hip.
  • Place your waist in order that your weight is equal. You possibly can assist your higher physique together with your arms, or just decrease your self to your elbows.
  • Keep within the place for a couple of minutes after which change sides.

5. Warrior II

The warrior II pose in yoga is one other efficient pose for creating sturdy legs. It not solely builds endurance for a very long time, but additionally improves flexibility within the hip joints and knees. This pose opens the chest and enhances the power to breathe, which is essential for a strenuous sport similar to tennis.

To do that mode:

  • Stand straight together with your arms straight at your shoulders. Place your ft parallel to one another and ensure your ankles are beneath your wrists.
  • Flip your proper foot to face the entrance and angle your left toe towards the higher left nook of the ground.
  • Slowly bend your proper knee and distribute your physique weight evenly between your legs.
  • Press down firmly via the sting of your again foot, ensuring to maintain your head stacked over your pelvis and your shoulders over your hips.
  • Lengthen your arms again and ahead and switch your head to maintain your eyes away out of your proper fingers.
  • Keep on this place for a couple of minutes.


Identical to every other aggressive sport, tennis additionally requires psychological and bodily energy. Doing yoga repeatedly may help with this by offering psychological calm and super energy, irrespective of how tough the state of affairs on the court docket.

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