Although yoga and bodybuilding may seem completely opposite, they are in fact, complementary to each other (Image via Pexels @Mario Valenzuela)

6 best yoga exercises for bodybuilding

Not solely do bodybuilding and yoga start with the names of the alphabet at both finish of the spectrum, however they’re simply as totally different as any two totally different workout routines.

Whereas bodybuilding is about transferring rapidly, isolating and growing particular muscle mass, and coaching virtually solely on appears, yoga is about transferring slowly and holding poses for a very long time. Additionally it is extra complete.

Nevertheless, opposite to what many individuals assume, yoga and bodybuilding can complement one another very nicely. In actual fact, in the event you add yoga to your exercise, you might make extra use of your time within the health club.

Greatest yoga workout routines for bodybuilding

We have picked the six finest yoga poses for bodybuilding so you do not have to undergo a whole lot of various workout routines. Nevertheless, you do not have to do all of them. Simply select the individuals that you simply assume will enable you probably the most.

The six yoga poses and workout routines are designed particularly for bodybuilders:

1) yoga push-ups

This ought to be the one yoga transfer you do in the event you solely do one. Yoga is a good warm-up train to coach the higher and decrease physique. When doing this train, the shoulders, elbows, decrease again and hips heat up and transfer extra freely.

Here is how to do that train:

  • Straighten your arms and physique right into a push-up place. Put together your core.
  • Take a deep breath, and drop your chest to the ground.
  • Exhale. Stretch your arms, and push your hips again and as much as make an inverted “V” form.
  • You’ll be able to gently open your shoulders by putting your head between your arms.
  • Transfer ahead and down within the push place time and again.

2) The canine dealing with up

Decrease again that is taut and stiff? Do you spend lots of time leaning in your pc at your desk? The yoga pose for you is the upward dealing with canine. It is a good solution to chill out, and it could actually solely assist your decrease again. It additionally has a slight decompression impact that may assist after heavy squats and deadlifts.

Here is how to do that train:

  • Lie in your brow together with your legs straight and your brow on the ground.
  • Carry your arms up and underneath your shoulders as in the event you had been about to do a push-up.
  • Protecting your hips on the ground, lengthen your arms, and lift your higher physique so far as you possibly can comfortably attain. Slowly increase your head and have a look at the ceiling.
  • Maintain this place for 15-30 seconds, or slowly decrease to the ground and make a number of gradual, easy motions.
  • When your muscle mass chill out, attempt to lengthen your arms slightly extra.

3) The place of the toilet

In case your hips are tight, you might not have the ability to squat, lunge, or deadlift as typically as attainable, which may trigger again ache. Most individuals expertise tightness within the hips, as they spend lots of time sitting. This modified model of the tub pose is an effective way to open up the hips and heat the decrease physique.

Here is how to do that train:

  • Get all fours on the ground, extending one leg behind you.
  • Sit again and roll your bent leg out in order that your entrance foot is underneath the alternative hip.
  • As comfy as you are feeling, decrease your physique towards the ground. In the event you can, put your forearms on the ground in entrance of you.
  • In the event you do not feel prefer it, maintain your arms straight.
  • Maintain for 30-60 seconds, slowly transferring to the opposite facet.

4) Low lunge

The low lunge is one other nice train to open the hips. It additionally extends the again and strikes the shoulders. It is an effective way to heat up the entire physique, particularly for bodybuilders.

Here is how to do that yoga pose:

  • Get all fours on the ground. Increase a foot to your arms ahead. If vital, transfer your again leg again just a few inches.
  • Raise your higher physique till you’re standing straight, retaining your torso tight and hips dealing with ahead.
  • Increase your arms up and over your head with out straining your again an excessive amount of. Attempt to attain the highest.
  • Maintain this place for 30-60 seconds, switching legs.
  • Escalate this pose by extending your again leg. This provides you a deeper stretch and likewise helps you retain your stability higher.

5) Bose Twist Chair

Except for the occasional Russian twist set, not many bodybuilders do lots of workout routines that revolve across the backbone. This will make them really feel tight and trigger decrease again ache. Rotation might help relieve tightness, restore misplaced mobility, enhance posture, and make the physique work higher.

Here is how to do that train:

  • Stand together with your ft collectively and your arms in entrance of your chest in a prayer place.
  • Do a half squat by bending your knees and reducing your self.
  • Flip over your higher physique and place the triceps muscle of your proper arm in opposition to the surface of your left leg. To make the twist stronger, press your arm out.
  • Do not let your decrease again roll.
  • Maintain for 15-30 seconds, slowly transferring to the opposite facet.

6) cat cow pose

It’s a mild however efficient solution to transfer the backbone, relieve stiffness and stop again ache, particularly for bodybuilders.

If you do heavy squats and deadlifts, the backbone is compressed. Sitting for lengthy intervals of time can exacerbate the issue. This low-pressure train is an effective way to heat up your again earlier than lifting heavy issues or breaking apart lengthy intervals of sitting or driving.

Here is how to do that train:

  • Kneel on all fours together with your again and neck in a impartial place.
  • Exhale and lift the center of your again towards the ceiling. Make a big arc with a rounded prime.
  • Whereas inhaling, decrease your abdomen towards the ground and lift your head on the similar time.
  • Alternate between these two poses easily for 5-10 reps.


The yoga workout routines talked about above are finest for bodybuilders, as they assist chill out necessary muscle mass and make them free and versatile, which will increase consolation and promotes well-being.

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