International Day of Yoga: From Kundalini to Restorative Yoga: A Guide to Different Types and Their Benefits

International Day of Yoga: From Kundalini to Restorative Yoga: A Guide to Different Types and Their Benefits

In 2022, private wellness trumps every part else. On this age of expertise and countless instruments to make one’s life snug, tens of millions are wanting ahead to non-public wellness and sustaining a wholesome stability of their lives. And in relation to wellness, yoga is one thing that comes with a holistic strategy to wholesome dwelling. It connects individuals and promotes the ideas of a wholesome physique and thoughts.

“Yoga is a apply that connects the thoughts with the physique. It promotes dwelling within the current and accepting it. There are 6 main faculties of yoga being practiced right this moment: Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga.” Hatha Yoga is the preferred of all and yoga Iyengar is derived from the identical factor,” mentioned Shruti Shah, founding father of Movement with Shruti.

Whereas yoga as a religious self-discipline has been prevalent all through the ages, it has gained new floor among the many lots. Yoga, as a apply, is believed to have begun at the start of civilization. Historic proof of the unfold of yoga has been seen for the reason that pre-Vedic interval (2700 BC).

In layman’s phrases, yoga is basically the union of physique, thoughts, and spirit. “Yoga is an historical therapeutic system first practiced by non secular ascetics in India in line with the custom of Guru Shisha Parambara. It has advanced into numerous kinds of yoga,” mentioned Shivani Gupta, founder and CEO of Hi there My Yoga.

Yoga has come a great distance, and should you determine to dedicate your time to it, you have got taken step one in the direction of wholesome dwelling. Nonetheless, there are numerous varieties of yoga that make it necessary for one to determine which one to decide on.

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Here’s a record of the various kinds of yoga and who can strive it.

vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is also called stream yoga, and is right for learners. It’s comparatively much less experimental. Vi in Vinyasa means distinction and Nyasa means border. This kind of yoga includes totally different respiratory methods and actions. Practitioners of Vinyasa Yoga start with the kid’s pose and transfer into totally different poses. These transformations replicate totally different actions in life. The proper sequence for this yoga apply is, to start with, plank pose, knees, chest and chin pose, cobra pose, and at last downward going through canine pose. It is a perfect train for many who want excessive depth exercises. Yoga Vinyasa is helpful for blood strain, despair, sleep issues, and many others.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is named the Yoga of Consciousness. This apply is thought to awaken the latent Kundalini Shakti, the religious vitality discovered on the base of the backbone. Kundalini interprets to “life pressure vitality” and is tightly coiled like a snake on the backside of the backbone. This apply permits vitality to maneuver up the backbone ensuing within the total well-being of the person. This kind of yoga is practiced with chanting, meditation, singing, and kriya (particular poses mixed with meditation and respiratory workouts). This yoga is right for these looking for to combine bodily and religious experiences for good well being.


hatha yoga

Hatha means power and this yoga goals to revive stability between physique and thoughts. Hatha yoga is seen as a apply that balances vitality factors and chakras. These chakras are basically vortices of vitality or factors within the physique the place vitality is concentrated. This kind of yoga consists of a mix of asanas, pranayama and meditations. Hatha yoga is right for many who are searching for a comparatively simpler kind of yoga to apply.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga contains particular poses which can be carried out in a sequence. This kind of yoga is standard amongst these seeking to shed extra pounds. Ashtanga yoga has eight pillars that translate into – asanas, postures, ideas, private self-discipline, pranayama, focus, withdrawal, salvation and meditation. A number of the asanas that make up this kind of yoga are Chandra Pedi Pranayama, Anulum Velum Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Butterfly, Surya Bhidu Pranayama, Simhasan, and Padmasana. Ashtanga yoga is right for many who need to relieve stress, nervousness, ache within the higher again or decrease again, lose fats, and many others.

Iyengar Yoga

This yoga is known as after BKS Iyenger who is thought for being probably the most distinguished yoga lecturers on the earth. Iyengar yoga is considerably just like Vinyasa Yoga. Iyengar yoga differs from different yoga faculties in that it primarily focuses on the alignment and place of the physique. There are props like yoga straps and blocks which can be used to good the poses. Iyengar yoga is helpful for rising flexibility, strengthening muscular tissues, calming the thoughts, relieving ache, immunity in opposition to ailments, enhancing respiratory, robust muscular tissues and most significantly enhancing one’s posture. Iyengar yoga is appropriate for all ages and talent ranges, nonetheless, it’s ideally suited for these searching for a basic type of yoga.

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Yin Yoga

This distinctive type of yoga combines martial arts with the traditional apply of wellness. Yin yoga is claimed to extend blood circulation within the joints which improves one’s flexibility and muscle power. This kind of yoga focuses on the yin tissue, also called the connective tissue. Calms the thoughts, balances the physique, reduces stress and nervousness, improves flexibility and promotes joint mobility. Moreover, it’s believed to enhance the stream of prana by way of the interior organs. Yin Yoga is for many who have to stretch after a tough exercise, or those that want to apply yoga at a gradual tempo.

power yoga

This kind of yoga focuses on enhancing power and endurance. Over time, Energy Yoga has change into a extensively authorized calorie-burning apply. Though it’s not an formally acknowledged type of yoga, it’s usually seen as a prototype of Vinyasa Yoga. That is the proper kind of yoga for anybody who loves Ashtanga yoga however desires a gentler apply session.

restorative yoga

Restorative yoga focuses extra on leisure. The principle purpose is to totally chill out with a handful of poses and even take a nap. This kind of yoga is commonly guided by meditation. With its major concentrate on enjoyable the nervous system, restorative yoga is seen as an ideal type of yoga for calming and calming the soul.


cardio yoga

Aerial yoga helps one construct harmonious and swish muscular tissues. Not like conventional yoga, aerial yoga contains poses that defy gravity. It guarantees the fineness of yoga together with an ideal cardio exercise that comes with working or swimming. Aerial yoga is helpful for enhancing flexibility, burning fats, overcoming respiratory difficulties, relieving stress, enhancing core power, and enhancing posture. It’s appropriate for learners and superior.

prenatal yoga

The principle purpose of this kind of yoga is to scale back the discomfort and ache related to being pregnant. This kind of yoga teaches respiratory workouts that may ease labor ache and a few methods also can provide help to achieve power. This yoga has helped new moms lose the burden they gained throughout being pregnant. Prenatal yoga can add endurance to the pelvic muscular tissues, cut back again ache and complications, forestall shortness of breath, enhance sleep, and relieve basic fatigue.


acro yoga

This distinctive apply takes widespread yoga poses and makes them attention-grabbing by including acrobatics. It permits individuals to experiment with their poses and discover the mind-body connection in a playful approach. This kind of yoga is for many who wish to apply yoga with their companions and have a sequence of adventures.

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