Padangusthasana is a great forward bend pose in yoga. (Image by @yogawithhopetodream via Instagram)

Padangusthasana (big toe pose) in yoga: how do you do it?

Padangusthasana, also called the large toe pose in yoga, is among the most essential asanas in Ashtanga Yoga.

It’s a beginner-level ahead bend pose that lightly targets each muscle within the physique by offering a deep stretch from head to toe. Furthermore, it strengthens and elongates tight hamstrings, relieves physique aches and releases rigidity from the physique. Padangusthasana can be efficient for flat ft.

Together with the large toe place in your train routine is a wonderful option to preserve your physique match; Nevertheless, the hot button is to carry out the asana appropriately with an emphasis on posture and type.

How do you do badangustasana in yoga?

Padangustasana is straightforward to do. Comply with the step-by-step directions given beneath.

  • Start the pose by standing straight together with your ft just a few inches aside.
  • Straighten your legs and preserve your knees elevated. Put your arms in your waist.
  • Breathe in simply and as you exhale, bend ahead from the hip joints whereas maintaining your legs and backbone utterly secure and straight.
  • When you decrease your physique, seize your large toes utilizing your index finger, center finger, and thumb together with your palms going through one another.
  • Make sure that to maintain your arms straight and your gaze ahead.
  • On the inhale, convey your elbows out together with your shoulders prolonged, then on the exhale, fold your head between your knees. Whereas doing this, pull your physique towards your toes.
  • Preserve respiratory deeply and maintain this place for just a few seconds till you are feeling a great stretch all through your physique.
  • Slowly elevate your chest and head and transfer your arms to your waist.
  • Breathe in simply after which return to the preliminary place once more.

In the event you discover this a bit tough in the case of holding your large toe, simply preserve the place by maintaining your arms in your calves or thighs. Nevertheless, simply make certain to maintain your again and knees straight always.

Vital suggestions for Padangustasana

When performing the large toe pose, think about these tricks to make the asana easier and extra environment friendly.

  • In the event you discover it tough to stabilize your toes, as an alternative of bending your knees, simply roll a yoga strap over the arch of your ft and maintain on to it.
  • When bending ahead to succeed in your toes, make certain your knees are usually not bent. Bend at your waist however preserve your backbone and knees secure.
  • At all times preserve correct type and posture even if you can’t put your head between your knees. This can be sure that your hamstrings and calves are stretched to optimum ranges, which is able to enhance your total flexibility.

What are the advantages of badangustasana?

The large toe place gives the next advantages.

1. Enhances flexibility

Padangusthasana not solely gives a terrific stretch for the hamstrings and calf muscle tissue, nevertheless it stretches and relaxes your total physique which improves your posture and suppleness.

2. Treats insomnia

The large toe pose helps flow into blood to your mind and brings calm, getting ready your physique for a great evening’s sleep.

3. Relieves stomach ache

Since this pose is a ahead bend, it places strain on the stomach muscle tissue and absolutely prompts them. This improves and enhances the functioning of the complete digestive system.

4. Reduces stress

This pose will increase blood circulation, thus bettering your power ranges and decreasing nervousness and despair. The light respiratory sample included within the yoga asana helps launch all the strain and stress trapped inside you.

5. Strengthens and sculpts muscle tissue

Common observe of this pose helps tone your calf and hamstring muscle tissue, and in addition makes your total leg muscle tissue sturdy and properly outlined.

Other than the above, Padangusthasana additionally affords another advantages, reminiscent of:

  • It helps launch gasoline and burn energy from the stomach space.
  • It stretches your arms and gives fast aid from muscle soreness.
  • Improves the functioning of the liver.
  • Enhances focus and focus.
  • It helps to beat consuming issues.
  • Promotes metabolism, relieves complications and hypertension.


Whereas Padangusthasana is protected and appropriate for all health ranges, it shouldn’t be tried by pregnant girls or folks with the next well being situations:

  • arthritis
  • Continual diarrhea
  • headache or migraine
  • Damage to the again, hamstrings, or quads
  • Current surgical procedure on the knees, neck or stomach

It’s best to seek the advice of your physician earlier than beginning to observe yoga as he can information you as to what constitutes yoga and which shall be protected to your well being.

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