To know which is the best yoga for you, you must first try all types of yoga (Image via Flickr @Ekaterina Klark)

Which one is right for you?

If you’re beginning yoga, you could wish to know the distinction between Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. Each varieties of yoga focus so much on the bodily features of yoga.

Ashtanga and Hatha yoga are usually not the identical. Hatha is the preferred type of yoga and is nice for folks simply beginning out. In the meantime, Ashtanga is quicker paced and extra structured. The primary factor they’ve in widespread is that they each stress the bodily facet of yoga.

Let’s now have a look at every kind of yoga intimately and their similarities that will help you determine which one is finest in your wants:

hatha yoga

Most individuals consider Hatha yoga as a sluggish, light class that’s nice for people who find themselves simply beginning to apply. There are standing and sitting postures in Hatha yoga. Each strengthen the physique and make it extra versatile. It takes time to clarify every pose, which makes it a fantastic place to begin studying yoga.

Since Hatha yoga is nice for newbies, there are often a number of newbies in these courses. So, if you’re simply getting began with yoga, you could be glad to see a number of different folks doing it as effectively.

More often than not, hatha courses fluctuate relying on the trainer and the time of day. For instance, a category within the morning could also be extra energetic, whereas within the night, it may be extra enjoyable and focus extra on sitting stretches reasonably than standing. Nonetheless, each are inclined to serve to make it simpler to maneuver from one location to a different.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a structured and dynamic type of yoga. It has a particular order of asanas that you simply carry out. Solar salutations assist heat the physique. You then transfer right into a standing place, sit ups, and eventually inversions, which is a strong solution to finish the apply.

In Ashtanga, the breath is used to assist transfer from one place to a different while you’re doing the solar salutation, remaining in every place for 5 breaths at a time.

As taught by the nice sage Patanjali, Ashtanga yoga is made up of eight components, or limbs. Nonetheless, once we discuss concerning the bodily apply of Ashtanga yoga, we imply the obedience that T Krishnamacharya taught Sri Okay Pattabhi Jois, who made Ashtanga yoga standard everywhere in the world.

Ashtanga yoga is difficult on the physique and locations a number of consideration on respiration and standing. It may show you how to take your thoughts off and focus totally on yoga poses.

Similarities Between Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga

A number of the similarities are:

1) Each Ashtanga and Hatha are types of Hatha

Hatha is a kind of yoga train that focuses on working with the physique. So, Ashtanga is a kind of Hatha Yoga.

2) Each modes look the identical

Ashtanga is a extra energetic type of Hatha yoga, however there are numerous poses which are the identical. For instance, you’ll do canine face down, triangle pose, warriors 1 and a couple of in each courses.

What makes them completely different is how highly effective they’re. For instance, in a Hatha class, you may keep in every pose for an extended time. The trainer might spend extra time ensuring you might be in the precise place. More often than not, although, in Ashtanga class, every pose is held for 5 breaths.

3) Each are customizable

Each varieties of yoga are open to individuals who have by no means executed it earlier than, and as such, there are modifications. There is no such thing as a “one dimension suits all” kind of yoga. Though Ashtanga might generally appear like this, it may be modified to go well with every individual’s wants.

Hatha is a slower kind of yoga and is best for newbies, as it may be personalized to go well with their wants. There are additionally methods to change the Ashtanga Elementary String, particularly if you’re contaminated.

4) Respiration is the important thing

In each varieties of yoga, respiration will get a number of consideration. That is often how every chapter begins. This Ashtanga respiration is used to assist folks enter and exit every set of postures as easily as potential.

Since it’s a extra energetic train, it takes some time to circulate from one pose to a different with out pausing to catch your breath. In Hatha class, respiration is commonly simple to maintain observe of.

5) All chapters finish in Savasana

Lastly, Hatha and Ashtanga yoga ends with Savasana. The size and whether or not the relief is directed might fluctuate. Savasana is the final a part of each varieties of yoga, and often lasts between 5-10 minutes.


Hatha is an effective kind of yoga to begin with, as a basic rule. It’s because in Hatha, you could keep in every mode for some time. This provides the trainer time to clarify the state of affairs and make adjustments, if vital.

In the meantime, Ashtanga is extra rigorous, as poses might be bodily demanding and since it’s executed on the beats of the breath. Most people who find themselves new to Ashtanga discover it tough, however with apply, doing so can get simpler.

As for which kind of yoga is finest for you, solely you may determine. Our recommendation is: attempt each kinds wholeheartedly, and use no matter kind of yoga fits your coronary heart and necessities.

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